Algunas palabras en Español e Inglés son iguales en la ortografía, pero no significan los mismo ni en la pronunciación. Tratar de leer las dos columnas en Español e Inglés indistintamente para practicar tú pronunciación.

hay (there is/there are)
pie (foot)
mayor (eldest)
actual (at present)
sale (leave)
sin (whthout)
son (to be pl.)
ten (here, have this)
miserable (tightfisted)
quince (number 15)
sensible (sensitive)
hay (fodder)
pie (food)
Mayor (Head of town council)
actual (real)
sale (discount)
sin (offence against God)
son (someone´s male child)
miserable (unhappy)
quince (hard yellow fruit)
sensible (reasonable)

Algunas palabras en Español e Inglés son similares en ortografía y pronunciación pero diferente en su significado.

adepto (skillful)
advertencia (warning)
afluente (rich)
anciano (elderly)
apología (statement)
apuntar (aim)
arma (weapon)
asistir (help)
atender (to serve)
boleta (bill, ticket)
carácter (personality)
carpeta (binder)
casualmente (incidentally)
champiñon (mushroom)
demandar (to sue)
eleven (raise pl.)
embarazada (pregnant)
etiqueta (label)
eventual (incidental)
fabricación (production)
facilidad (ease)
familiar (relative, akin)
grocería (profanity)
horno (oven)
Islandia (Iceland)
librería (bookstore)
biblioteca (library)
lujuria (lust)
mil (one thousand)
miseria (poverty)
moda (fashion)
once (number eleven)
papa (potatoe)
pan (bread)
pariente (realtive)
policía (police)
pavimento (road surface)
postre (dessert)
resto (remainder)
resumen (summary)
salvaje (uncivilized)
sensitivo (sense, sensory)
simpático (charming)
adept (follower)
advertisement (commercial)
affluent (tributary river or stream)
ancient (antique, old)
apology (expressing regret)
appoint (nominated)
arm (body part between the shoulder and the hand)
assit (attend)
attend (be present at)
bullet (lead ball)
character (person in literature)
carpet (rug)
casually (informally)
champion (winner)
demand (ask for)
eleven (number 11)
embarrassed (bewildered, confused)
etiquette (formality)
eventually (in the end)
fabrication (falsehood)
facility (accommodation)
familiar (know)
grocery (food store)
horn (bone-like growth on an animal´s head)
island (isle)
library (collection of books)
bookstore (where books are sold)
luxury (sumptuousness)
mile (5,280 feet)
misey (unhappiness)
mode (way, manner)
once (one time)
papa (father)
pan (saucepan)
parent (mother or father)
policy (regulations)
pavement (sidewalk)
pastry (sweet baked product)
rest (relax)
resume (begin again)
salvage rescue()
sensitive (easily affected)
sympathetic (understanding)